Why to be a volunteer ?

The We Lend a Hand team was very fortunate to visit Ethiopia on several occasions and experienced firsthand the important social work carried out by the Convents of Catholic Religious Orders in the Hosanna area in coordination with the bishop of the Hosanna Vicariate.

We have received a request for help to periodically bring in solidarity volunteers to collaborate on periods of two or three weeks each trip. With these trips and this exchange, we believe that we can improve or help these people who have so many difficulties in life. Moreover, we can live an experience of blended learning and cultures that in the end, will make us grow a lo

Our “star” project. We want people to have the opportunity to live something unique that will make them feel better when they come back home.

 It is a transformative experience. We have learned a lot from Africa and its wonderful people, being helpful in helping and learning with this special people.

Besides all this you will still be able to practice English which is the language that communicates with the people of this place.

What can you do ?

There are several possibilities for work. It all depends on the time of travel and local needs. Here are some examples:

– Development and creation of workshops related to the empowerment of women

– Caregivers of babies from 0 to 3 years

– Support in English, drawing and computer science classes (children and adults)

– Help in wards in local clinics

– Support in logistics (transport, tasks in some type of construction, painting and carpentry, food storage, garden maintenance).

A very rewarding solidary experience that will make you feel better

An immersion in a new, different culture that will teach you many things you do not know, with people who give us back more than we give them with their immense heart

Discover a wonderful country called Ethiopia


Be over 18 years old

Keeping up with some vaccines

Visa that will be obtained at the entrance of the country

To make the reservation and the payment of the costs corresponding to We Lend a Hand

Average level of English (minimum)

Desire to help others and exchange experiences of life and cultures


This project is a possibility of interaction and integration with a totally different world than what we currently live. Volunteering in Africa is a unique experience because you give a lot but you also receive a lot. When we think about traveling to Ethiopia to be there for at least two weeks, we have to be very sure of what we want. It will not be just two weeks of vacation. It will be two weeks of immersion in a reality different from ours, sometimes very sad but when you believe in what you are doing and you know the reason for all this, the feeling is so good, we feel so happy to participate of all these moments, that without realizing we already begin to plan the next trip.
Africa has an immense capacity to infect all people in a sense of love.
I believe a lot in this project and I know that for any person, it is an unforgettable experience.

The rate includes:

Transfer from Addis Abbeba to Hosanna (round trip)
Individual or divided housing in Hosanna, with breakfast, lunch and dinner in the residence of one of the community of Catholic monks, near the place of work

Individual or divided housing in Addis Abbeba, with breakfast, lunch and dinner

Ethiopian visa
A local coordinator of ‘We lend a Hand’ to assist volunteers in case of need.

A guide who will be with the volunteers during the whole program.
Explanatory meeting with the volunteers before the trip.
Meeting on arrival and division of tasks.

1250 euros + IVA for 2 weeks

The rates doesn´t include

Air ticket from Madrid to Addis Abbeba  (round trip).

Travel Insurance (minimum 100 Euros)



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