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Daniela Marcolla – Brazilian by birth, but Spanish by heart I have chosen Psychology and Tourism as my careers. All this because I am passionate about working with people. For many years I have lived in “my own skin” both professions and today after a great deal of experience, I have discovered another way to see the world through photos and videos. Enrolling in many courses to specialize myself and to learn more about this business, I found myself in the middle of this creative universe which makes me very happy and that allows me to count mine and other’s people stories through images.

In addition to all this my perspective of the world began to change when I moved to Spain in 2010. I arrived here in a privileged way as an expatriated and the reality of other immigrants who tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea striving for a better life in Europe was so different from mine that I felt compelled to try to help somehow. So I became a volunteer at Manos Unidas, a large and well-known NGO. After five years working in some projects including the development of a stock photos platform of social project sponsored by Manos Unidas worldwide, I was invited to go to the field and visit Ethiopia. There I had the opportunity to register in photo and video the reality of the projects financed by the entity.

This experience changed my life forever … I founded “We Lend a Hand” movement that I have been managed as a project of life which among other things intends to show that good things happen every single day. And reinforce the belief that if we lend a hand, we improve the lives of those in need and also we improve ourselves.




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