02 May

Our trip to Ethiopia – result of the crowdfunding campaign

Dear friends,


We have returned from Ethiopia very happy with the results of this first trip. We already have more or less organized in our heads everything we should do from now on. Ethiopia is a wonderful country with a lovely people, who welcome everyone in a very special way. This trip has been my second visit to this country and when I return to Madrid, I feel even more engaged, as if I had been in my house …

We have experienced some very difficult moments like when we visited a community to which no NGO or foundation helps them in any way. The people on this site have no water and no food. They are stigmatized by the Ethiopians themselves. But since nothing is without a reason in this life, we have been there twice and the second time we have been totally integrated with the people. We have distributed part of the school material that we had brought and we have asked the children to make drawings for the Spanish children who had sent them all the stuff. We left Madrid with nine suitcases full of this material and a few clothes …



Then they went to the playground to play football and the skipping rope. At the end of the day we were all very happy to have lived these moments.

We have visited five schools and all are looking forward to receive our volunteers.

We have also noticed how women do a hard work and why they have to leave school early. They are responsible for the house, the children, to collect the water that sometimes is a few kilometers from their homes, and with all this the school is not a priority especially because they get married very young.

Now we have to start the program and start our first solidarity trips. We leave you here a link to a video summary of some of the moments that we have spent in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is still in our hearts and this project has just begun.

There is too much to do…




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