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It is a private institution with a social, non-denominational, higher and university education (ESU) in nursing (1st cycle, exclusively for girls) and clinical trainers and supervisors in nursing (2nd cycle, open to women and men).


1.Offer qualified nurses who provide quality care to the population;

2. Contribute to the ongoing training of health personnel in the field, particularly those working in the field of maternal and child health;

3. Contribute to the development of nursing and the social development of the nurse in the DRC.


To propose durable solutions for the development of human resources for health, especially nurses, in accordance with the changing needs of the population and the health system in the D.R. of Congo.

More information – Presentación-del-ISSI_2018

Web site – www.issi.ac.cd

Alaya Solidarios is made up of five women who firmly believe that a better world is possible. Five women who were born to know each other, to hold hands and walk the same path, knowing that we are where we want to be. We don’t resign ourselves, we don’t accept the situation, we don’t fight it, we just stand on one side and shout out loud that a better world already exists. Someone said that if a person paints his plot it seems that it is useless, but if each one paints his own plot, he paints the whole wall, a wall that will make us rise to where we want to go. We do not believe in limits, we admire human goodness, we hold that good causes always lead to good causes, we trust that we will stop telling the world what to do; we simply do it and hope that people will follow us.

We organize solidarity events where attendees can enjoy yoga classes, African dance, massage or Alaya Dance (world music). In addition, we offer a free breakfast and people who have attended donate money for the activities. What is collected is donated to different causes. From donations to other NGOs, to animal welfare, to schools, to finding our own cause as a fundraiser for hearing aids for a particular child.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alayasolidarios/

Email: alayasolidarios@gmail.com

Instagram: @alayasolidarios

Team Members: Úrsula Funes, Marta Vega, Sara Vega, Marta Ribas e Irene Funes


Based on the understanding that decent housing is an essential condition for personal development and for a healthy life, we seek, with the reform of houses as a tool, to have a positive, broad and long-term impact on the lives of families living in particularly precarious situation. We use house reform as a tool to combine effective solutions and practices that meet the needs of each family served. In addition, the zeal in every detail, the reuse of materials and the interventions with less environmental impact also make up our support pillars. In addition, we seek the transformation of volunteers through social involvement, teamwork, effort and immersion into realities that are often very different from yours.



We are a young foundation driven by a social entrepreneurship spirit and a commitment to serve. We believe that health should be accessible to all people, especially women and children in situation of social exclusion. Monkole hospital is located in the poor neighborhood of Kinshasa. The center aim is to help all patients although it does fall short in 48% of resources required to cover hospitalization expenses.

We believe that in the Monkole hospital facilities all patients should have access to a decent health services, regardless of their economic situation. Therefore, through the Friends of Monkole Foundation we seek financial resources to fund the hospitalization costs of all those who need health care.

The TEIA DO AMOR (web of love) aims to rescue love in children who have suffered some type of emotional injury. But this goal is ONLY the final part of the project! Through this great mission, the entity is an ideal space to develop donation as a routine in the life of the human being.

To be part of that network, you must first forget the famous cliché “do good without looking at whom”. In the Web of Love, the ‘good’ and the ‘who’ walk together and are seen up close. What does that mean? It means that every bit of love or money donated will be duly justified.

In this network, it is the donor who chooses the amount that should / can be offered. It also depends on each one to choose to be present in the events of the actions promoted throughout the year.

Do you want to help? Follow the networks of the Web of Love and know how to be part of this project!

Instagram: @teiadoamor

Facebook: @redeteiadoamor

The more people, more lives will be rescued, helped and welcomed! The child who has love is the hope in a better world.

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