19 Apr 2019

Projects that inspire



I visited many projects in Ethiopia. Maybe from there came my inspiration to create my own project. It’s a grain of sand in terms of universe. But it’s VERY BIG in individual terms.
I love this country like I love Brazil and Spain. I hope to be able to repay all the love I receive every time I go there. I know that I always return a better person. And that’s what matters in the end.

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31 May 2018

A world without plastic


“We can’t stand by, knowing what we know now,” says Sian Sutherland. “It’s simply too important.” Sian is the co-founder of A Plastic Planet, a UK-based environmental action group, and one of the driving forces behind the world’s first dedicated plastic-free supermarket aisle.

Following input from A Plastic Planet, the aisle opened in February at the Amsterdam branch of Dutch organic supermarket chain Ekoplaza. Standing in the supermarket, surrounded by goods packaged in compostable biomaterials made from plants and trees, Sutherland believes shoppers are increasingly seeing through the ‘lie’ that we cannot do without plastic packaging.

“When we began this two years ago, no one talked about the plastics problem. But if you don’t know what the problem is now, you must have been hiding in a cave for the past 12 months.”

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29 May 2018

The little drummer…

This video of 2-year-old Lennox Howard Noble playing the drum part to the song “I Can” by gospel group Speak Life is going viral.

Yes, he’s only TWO YEARS OLD!

Many comments on the video are from musicians who cannot understand how this level of talent is possible at two years old. He’s amazing!


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22 May 2018

Countries across the European Union – including the UK – vote to ban the outdoor use of three bee-harming pesticides


The EU has agreed to ban a group of insecticides that have been linked to a dramatic reduction in bee numbers.

Experts from the body’s 28 states agreed on Friday to ban the use of three toxic neonicotinoids, six years after the European Food Safety Authority concluded that the chemicals were harmful to bees. The outdoor application of imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam – the world’s most widely used insecticides – will be banned from all fields in EU member states within six months.

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15 May 2018

Leo DiCaprio’s latest investment: off-grid solar for rural communities

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 22: Actor and climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio stands with children at the United Nations Signing Ceremony for the Paris Agreement climate change accord that came out of negotiations at the COP21 climate summit last December in Paris on April 22, 2016 in New York City. At least 155 countries are expected to sign the agreement whicch has the goal of limiting warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. The ceremony symbolically takes place on Earth Day. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

He’s best known as an actor but for the last 20 years Leonardo DiCaprio has established himself as a sustainability advocate, and one of the strongest celebrity supporters for any environmental cause. He sits on the board of the World Wildlife Foundation and the Natural Resources Defense Council, among others, and today he’s joining Kingo–a Guatemala-based off-grid solar company–as an investor and a board member.

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08 May 2018

Age of philanthropy


On 26 April 2018 Thomson Reuters Foundation reported: As the rich get richer, the world has entered an ‘age of philanthropy’, with education the most popular focus of some 260,000 foundations globally, researchers said on Thursday. ‘If this trajectory continues, philanthropy will be poised to have an increasingly significant social and economic impact.’ Global Good News service views this news as a sign of rising positivity in the fields of business and culture, documenting the growth of life-supporting, evolutionary trends.

There are more than 15 million millionaires and close to 2,000 billionaires in the world, while 10 percent of the population live on less than $1.90 a day, said the report, which was funded by the Swiss bank UBS.

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02 May 2018

Our trip to Ethiopia – result of the crowdfunding campaign

Dear friends,


We have returned from Ethiopia very happy with the results of this first trip. We already have more or less organized in our heads everything we should do from now on. Ethiopia is a wonderful country with a lovely people, who welcome everyone in a very special way. This trip has been my second visit to this country and when I return to Madrid, I feel even more engaged, as if I had been in my house …

We have experienced some very difficult moments like when we visited a community to which no NGO or foundation helps them in any way. The people on this site have no water and no food. They are stigmatized by the Ethiopians themselves. But since nothing is without a reason in this life, we have been there twice and the second time we have been totally integrated with the people. We have distributed part of the school material that we had brought and we have asked the children to make drawings for the Spanish children who had sent them all the stuff. We left Madrid with nine suitcases full of this material and a few clothes …



Then they went to the playground to play football and the skipping rope. At the end of the day we were all very happy to have lived these moments.

We have visited five schools and all are looking forward to receive our volunteers.

We have also noticed how women do a hard work and why they have to leave school early. They are responsible for the house, the children, to collect the water that sometimes is a few kilometers from their homes, and with all this the school is not a priority especially because they get married very young.

Now we have to start the program and start our first solidarity trips. We leave you here a link to a video summary of some of the moments that we have spent in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is still in our hearts and this project has just begun.

There is too much to do…




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31 Mar 2018

The Crowdfunding Campaign


The main objective of this project is to bring volunteers to Ethiopia with the intention of helping the women and children of the Hosanna area. It is an exchange of knowledge and culture that supposes a great hope for people who in many cases are without prospects, so that  they have the possibility of growing and getting improvements in their living conditions. On the other hand, we, the volunteers, also gain a lot with this experience because everything we give is received back. Being a volunteer is an act of love, so it is certain that we will win a lot in this project.

 Through a Crowdfunding campaign we are asking for help to make the first trip where we will structure all the logistics of the program and discover all the real needs of the women who live in this area of Hosanna.

You can help, collaborate and spread this campaign. To do this, just click on the following link, make a donation and share with your friends:


 Who we are

Daniela Marcolla  Since I returned from my trip to Ethiopia last year, Africa is inside my heart. Helping women and children to have a little more knowledge and hope in their lives is what I can say is my life alm.  Photographing and filming all the work that we are going to do there, is my mission in this first trip. So I hope to start showing the world that if we help, we can improve the lives of many people. And so I do my bit in this story.

Yaiza Sánchez Storniolo  Born in Madrid, from a Brazilian mother and a Spanish father. After finishing my degree in Psychology, I lived for a period of time in Belgium and I am now settled in England. I am a committed person and fully aware of my responsibility for the work I do. Over the years I have had the opportunity to collaborate in different voluntary services in different countries, both with children and adults. This has allowed me the opportunity to expand my experiences and knowledge whilst acquiring new skills.

When I was given the opportunity to collaborate on We Lend A Hand, I knew we had the potential to do something great and precious. The excitement I feel towards this project, the experience and the help we will offer will allow We Lend A Hand the opportunity to be a true entity of transforming the reality of female lives in Ethiopia. We will work to help vulnerable people within their own community. Our organization will be involved and committed to address existing needs within the collective objectives. T aim of our voluntary and supportive participation is to provide and generate in the women themselves the capacity to find a sustainable solution for their problems.

Madrid is my birthplace from a Brazilian mother and a Spanish father. After finishing my degree in Psychology I lived a period in Belgium and now I live in England.I am a committed person and fully aware of my responsibility with the work I do. Over the years I have had the opportunity to collaborate in different voluntary services in different countries, both with children and with the elderly. This has allowed me to open my mind and acquire new skills.

When I was proposed to collaborate on We Lend A Hand, I knew we had the potential to do something great and precious. The illusion I have with this project, the experience and the help we get will make We Lend A Hand a true entity of transformation of the female reality in Ethiopia. We will work to help vulnerable people within their own community. Our organization will be involved and committed to address existing needs within the collective objectives. Our voluntary and supportive participation is based on a constant dialogue whose essential objective is to awaken and generate, in the person himself, the capacity to mobilize to the solution of his problems.

Yvonne Anna-Marie Chambers   Born and raised in Birmingham, England, I work as a child counselor. Since always, I have felt my life path was to be able to improve the situation for the most disadvantaged people. Even though sometimes is very hard, I love my job and when I was proposed to be part of this project, I knew this was the next step to take. I believe that we the right tools, we can improve the inequality that a lot of communities suffer. That is what we are looking for at We Lend a Hand, to make accessible the opportunities to grow in a personal way and as a society

Caroline Timm   Brazilian, born in Porto Alegre, capital of the ‘gauchos’ in the South of Brazil.
She says:
“Since I was little I accompanied my grandfather and my mother who have been politicians at the time and maintained communication in the street with the less favored citizens, and I was there with them, this is a value that I appreciate that I have been taught since childhood, to be assertive and see the social reality that are social differences.
Since then, this solidary work has come to the fore in my heart and I have understood how much we have to do to have a better world.
I have volunteered in various social causes, such as at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, and in many non-profit projects in Madrid for Brazilian children and women.
I am a publicist and specialized in Digital Marketing, I believe a lot in social networks and the power that we can distribute, raise awareness and mobilize a large number of people with a nice message of support to help women in Ethiopia.
Being in the team of We Lend A Hand is being and will be very nice and I am sure that we will achieve our goals that is to help, help and help this very delicate population that is very disadvantaged that is the Ethiopia.

Our partners

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31 Jan 2018


What an emotion to publish this first post. If you got this far, this means that like me, you enjoy to see good news and good things in general.

Our intention on this site is to publish good news almost on daily basis. And good news for us can be the results of social project intervention, individual actions, beautiful photos, some lines of poetry or thought and everything that can make our day better and improve our lives.

We have the pretension of showing to the world that it is possible to transform, to improve and to grow together. We want everyone’s help. And all means EVERYONE. People from many different countries are willing to collaborate. Come and be part of it!!

All this will create much energy and vibration. Together we can produce quality and compelling content to encourage other people to participate. We are open to suggestions and we need all the help we can get to keep this project running. Generating content in three languages ​​is not easy.

We look forward to your visit and collaboration.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you all!!


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